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Preferred Engineering Products introduces SlideíNíHide, the most versatile self-storing screen on the market. This patented, award-winning system features a roll-away screen which disappears into the door or window frame to offer an unobstructed view and easy access for cleaning. SlideíNíHide lets the user control when they want the screen simply sliding it into place when itís required and out of sight when it isnít.

Industry sales results have shown that homeowners will pay a premium for a roll-away window screen. SlideíNíHide differs from other roll-away screens in that it is not an add-on system. The design integrates the screen mesh and hardware into the window or door frame so it does not interfere with aesthetics or operation.

The SlideíNíHide system is available to fit any style of window or door and is included as standard equipment with our award winning Parallex system window hardware.

Improved window performance

Slide'N'Hide shown with Parallex Casement Hardware The self-storing SlideíNíHide screen system helps improve window U-factor and Energy Ratings (ER). Traditional opaque screen cloth on the exterior of windows lowers the windowís solar heat gain because of the shading provided by the screen. Because SlideíNíHide allows the screen to be hidden away when not in use, more sunlight hits the windows than with traditional screen systems.

SlideíNíHide adds value to self-cleaning glass windows. By ensuring that UV rays and rain water can reach the window surface to break down organic materials and wash away dirt it allows the self-cleaning feature to function to its utmost ability.

SlideíNíHide is perfect for increasing natural light in a building as part of energy efficiency initiatives. ďDaylighting" has been shown to reduce operating costs and energy consumption through electric lighting controls.

Reduced Manufacturing and Service Costs

Slide'N'Hide SlideíNíHide is shipped as a complete unit for fast and easy installation into the window frame at the factory, increasing productivity by reducing time spent on screen construction. Dealers will also appreciate the simple cartridge design, which virtually eliminates service calls by allowing the homeowner to replace the screen without using a single tool.

The System of Choice Increase profitability and competitiveness by offering your customers a product with a difference.

Preferred Engineering is available to help you customize SlideĎNíHide to fit your needs. Product trouble-shooting in the field or in the manufacturing plant, complete AutoCAD equipment and in-house testing facilities are all available to help you give your customers maximum performance quickly and cost-effectively.

At Preferred Engineering, weíre committed to providing innovative solutions to your window hardware problems. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the right choice.

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